What type of specialist is Dr Betros?

I am a general surgeon who has a major practice interest in hernia disease and treating many abdominal and gastrointestinal conditions (including problems such as bowel and stomach cancers). In addition to that, I also treat many other smaller problems such as ingrown toenails, haemorrhoids and pilonidal sinus disease).

Read more about the conditions treated by Dr Betros.

Because I’m seeing a surgeon, does that mean I need to have an operation?

There are many conditions that surgeons look after. Sometimes, some of these conditions require surgery but many do not. A responsible surgeon knows when to operate but more importantly, when not to operate. My approach to every case is based on your history and physical findings first and foremost. Once I have made a complete assessment of your case, I will clearly explain why or why not an operation is recommended. I pride myself on clear, plain English communication with my patients and I welcome questions from you to help understand your condition and the treatment options. Ultimately, it is always your choice about whether you have an operation or not.

Does Dr Betros operate in a private or public hospital?

I have clinical appointments at both public and private hospitals. I treat public and private patients. My public hospitals that I operate at are Blacktown / Mt Druitt Hospital and Hawkesbury Hospital. My private hospitals that I operate at are Lakeview Private Hospital, Hawkesbury Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital.

Whether you are planning treatment in the public or private sector does not matter at all.

What do I need to bring when I see Dr Betros?

There is a simple checklist found at the following link regarding your first consultation. As long as you bring the items listed there, the first visit should be easy.

Is there a fee to see Dr Betros?

There is generally a fee for consultation which you will be advised of on booking. Pensioners and concession card holders are significantly discounted. If there are financial issues preventing you from attending, please do not let this stop you from seeking a consultation as I am only too happy to facilitate your treatment. I do not want any patient to not be seen due to financial circumstances.

If I am a public patient, is there a fee for an operation and how long do I have to wait for the surgery?

Operations performed in public hospital have no fee.

Your waiting time for an operation in the public hospital is not determined by me. It depends on the urgency of your condition and this is set by the Ministry of Health in all NSW public hospitals statewide. Waiting times can range from weeks (for cancers) to many months.

There are no public operations I perform where the waiting time is years.

Are there any fees for private operations?

Depending on the type of procedure and personal circumstances, there are some procedures which can be billed as a “no-gap” procedure for my fee.

There are however, other costs involved in a private operation which all patients should be aware of.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • An excess associated with your health fund policy
  • Any excess or co-payment a hospital may charge
  • Fees for x-rays and scans performed in hospital
  • Fees for some blood tests
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Surgical assistant fees

Whilst this list looks large, often there are no cost or minimal cost associated with some of these areas. I would be very happy to discuss this at the time of consultation and I always provide informed financial consent for all private procedures. This includes a list of known and predictable out-of-pocket costs prior to any surgery.

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